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My 3 youngest children attend cyber school rather than a traditional brick and mortar school. We recently had a conference with our family coach and worked on setting some personal and academic goals for the kids. I put together these incentive jars for 2 of them (I’m still working on the third) to encourage them to work on some areas that need improvement. My daughter, Madison, is working on managing her time better, so I’ve set a goal for her for when she should be done with her school work each day. If she reaches her goal, she gets to put a marble in her jar. My son, Matthew, is working on reading for enjoyment outside of the school curriculum and also working on his writing skills, so his goal is to read non school issued books and write a report, summary, or review about what he read. His jar is a bit smaller since it involves doing additional work outside of their regular school work. Once their jars are filled, they earn predetermined reward. 😀

To create these, I upcycled pill bottles from the pharmacy (I have far too many of these floating around). I painted them with Viva Maya Gold paints, which are delightfully shimmery! I then splattered white distress paint onto Matthew’s and wrapped trim around his, but wrapped lace around Madison’s. The title pieces were altered with the same Maya Gold paints, but the wood veneers were all altered using PITT markers. Here’s how they turned out:

jar top

jar front

jar Madison 1

jar Madison 2

jar Madison 3

jar Matthew 1

jar Matthew 2

jar Matthew 3

jar Matthew 4


The fabulous CE goodies I used:

school-set-set-of-36-85-600x600graduation-set-748-600x600globes wood-600x600out-of-this-world-title-648-600x600awesome-580-600x600


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